Nevada Gaming Entertainment – Nevada

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Nevada Gaming Entertainment

The state of Nevada is well known for it’s gaming opportunities to provide entertainment for those that enjoy the wide variety of gaming opportunities available.  You may want to be in a Sports Bar, a casino, the track or a boxing match all of which are available in Nevada.

To spend the time with gaming, to see how your luck runs and maybe come away with a win (or maybe not) then you and your friends will find that Las Vegas has nearly every kind of gaming available.  There are slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, craps and so many more that you can choose from that you will always find something that interests you.

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Nevada Entertainment Legends – Rhythm Rolling in Craps

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Las Vegas

The history and legends of gambling are popular in movies, from the old wild wild west days to modern legends.  Popular culture today places the epicenter of gaming entertainment firmly in Las Vegas and Reno, both in Nevada.  Today, these two cities are the primary destinations for gaming entertainment in the United States.

Gaming entertainment continues to grow, even in troubled economic times, with 15 consecutive months of increased visitor counts according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.  Although the free-spending and impulse buying habits of tourists have tightened up, there is a pent-up demand from consumers to enjoy the legends and experiences of gaming entertainment as popularized in our social consciousness.

Las Vegas continues to be not just a gaming center, but an entertainment center, ranging from weddings, conferences and conventions, to theatre and live shows.  There are more non-gaming entertainment options than there are gaming.  Las Vegas has a popular nightlife and of course you can’t go to Vegas without seeing Elvis; yes, Elvis is often in the house.

However, classic Las Vegas is the wide selection of slots, blackjack, craps, and roulette.  These are the casino games that created legends.  These are the experiences that get players adrenaline pumping as they take on others and attempt to beat the house.

Classic slot machines are everywhere, ranging from traditional penny and nickel machines, up to $100 and higher per pull.  Today’s machines are digital and electronic versions of the classic one armed bandit machines.  In the early 1800’s slot machines passed table games like craps and blackjack as the most popular games in casinos.  Today, these machines account for more than 70% of the casino’s total take.  Part of the legends and allure of slots is simply the bigger jackpots.  And players love big jackpots, they love that chance to win big payoffs (and the lights and sounds that go with that jackpot).  Compare that to the traditional blackjack table where if you put down $5, the most you can win is $7.50.

Blackjack is also one of the most popular games (although Poker is rapidly gaining ground).Many gamblers prefer blackjack.  Blackjack was really slow to catch on when it was first introduced to the United States.  Blackjack is a game that is a combination of both luck and skill, which is attractive to many players.  The game can be played with one player and a dealer or many players and a dealer.  Many new players perceive the game to be played against only the dealer because the players hand is played against the dealer, not other players.  However, there is a lot of strategy to the game, where players can learn the best options to double-down, split, or surrender.  Most amateur players never hear about “surrender” – it’s not a strategy for winning, but rather a strategy for reducing losses.  If you surrender your cards, you only lose half of the amount wagered instead of all of it; an important strategy to reduce losses.

Craps is one of the most popular legends, popularized in many movies.  Many players are excited about the action and often in awe of a fast moving game where the rules appear to change  But it is really much more simple than it appears.  And most casinos offer classes to teach you how to play.  One of the biggest Las Vegas craps legends is Sharpshooter.  Legendary strategies such as the 5-Count by the Captain, and “perfect pitch” delivery method of throwing the dice by Sharpshooter have been popularized.  Sharpshooter’s strategy has become a legend.  An engineer by trade, he wrote the definitive book on how to control the dice.  His strategy teaches how to hold and throw the dice so that the dice land in the desired way.

Poker is rapidly gaining popularity in the gaming and entertainment community, not only in gaming centers like Las Vegas, but throughout much of society.  A social folklore from wild wild west movies, today it has grown into games, tournaments, TV shows, and more.  Today, poker leagues as common as bowling leagues once were, with both professional and amateur classifications.  The World Series of Poker and the Main Event are at the top of the public awareness, and are entertainment events in and of themselves, with fans and gamers alike.

Today, gaming entertainment is more about the entertainment, than it is about the gaming.  Entertainment revenues topped 50% last year, outpacing gaming revenues.  So whether you go for the gaming or for the entertainment.  There are many different options to entertain you.

Parasailing over Lake Tahoe – Lake Tahoe, Nevada

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Reno Tahoe

What is parasailing?  It’s when you are towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while you are tethered to a specially designed parachute which is known as a parasail.  The boat drives off which carries you into the air!  Depending on the type of boat (power) it could realistically take two or three people at a time.  One thing to keep in mind for you control freaks, you have NO control over the parachute while you are parasailing.  It’s up to the boat and spotters to make sure you go where you are supposed to go.

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B Street House Bed and Breakfast – Virginia City, Nevada

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Reno Tahoe

Enjoy the elegance of the Old West in this fully-restored home on Millionaire’s row in Virginia City. Originally built by local businessman and politician, Henry Piper, the home has a unique “row house” architecture. Sitting only 120 steps north of Piper’s Opera House, guests may stay near downtown Virginia City in a Bed and Breakfast that retains it’s original charm.

The “B” Street House was probably finished by December in 1875.  Henry Piper and his brother Joseph were shown as the proprietors of the saloon on B and Union in the 1870’s.  The building burned during the “Great Fire” and was quicly rebuilt.  The 1880 census shows Henry, his wife and two small children, nephew J. H. Piper, a bartender, and an Irish maid, Margaret Leddy, as residents of the “B” Street House.

Today the house stands as one of the last of the “row” style houses that were once common in Virginia City. You will notice the house has no windows on the south side. Originally, it bordered a similar, mirror-image “row” house to the south

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Pueblo Indian Art Exhibition – Henderson, Nevada

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Las Vegas

Experience 150 years of Pueblo Indian culture through a new exhibit at the Clark County Museum titled, “Pueblo Indian Art: Ongoing Traditions,” beginning March 19 through June 3.

Jewelry, pottery, baskets, textiles and artifacts of the Pueblo people will be on display at the museum at 1830 S. Boulder Highway in Henderson, as part of the museum’s celebration of Native American art throughout March.

“The Pueblo people of the American Southwest have been producing functional art for themselves and as trade for centuries,” Dawna Jolliff, Curator of Exhibits for the museum said. “By utilizing native plants, rocks, minerals and clay, artists produced beautiful objects for everyday use and special occasions.”

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Searchlight Museum – Searchlight, Nevada

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Cowboy Country

Searchlight Museum – Searchlight, Nevada

A small but charming museum in the Searchlight Community Center. This museum focuses on the fascinating history of this 100+ year old community.   The community began to boom in 1902 and reached its peak in 1907, typical for a mining community.  During this time it was larger than Las Vegas. 

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Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas

Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum is a small free attraction inside the McCarran International Airport. Here, you can observe the history of commercial and general aviation in southern Nevada, from the first flight in 1920 through the introduction of jets. 

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Bridge Over Hoover Dam – Boulder City, Nevada

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Las Vegas

Bridge Over Hoover Dam – Las Vegas, Nevada

So it isn’t the song, it’s truly a bridge that cuts off time from traveling from Arizona to Las Vegas.  The $240 million piece of engineering brilliance soars over the Colorado River near Hoover Dam.

The 1,900 foot bridge sits 890 feel above the water.  With the Statue of Liberty standing 360 feet tall you can just visualize how high the bridge is.  Those going to visit the dam will not be able to pass over it to cross the border by car although the dam will remain open as a tourist attraction.

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Las Vegas Timeshare Rentals

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Las Vegas

“The Entertainment Capital of the World.” This is certainly an apt description of Las Vegas, Nevada. This city, with its multiple personalities, definitely offers something for everyone.

Let’s start with the obvious – Las Vegas has the largest concentration of casinos in the world. Incumbent with that is dazzling entertainment that includes everything from the famous show-girl revues to celebrity headliners to the amazing Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas.

Not content with generic casino buildings, Las Vegas sparkles with “theme” casino hotels. Visit “The Paris” and you can have dinner in the Eiffel Tower. Or take a ride on a gondola with your own singing gondolier through the canals of The Venetian. Have a drink at Quark’s Bar at the Hilton Hotel’s “Star Trek Experience.”  Mandalay Bay, New York New York, MGM Grand, and the Egyptian pyramid-shaped Luxor are more of the casinos with fun motifs.

Amazingly, Las Vegas is also a great family vacation destination. Traveling with kids is an opportunity to seek out free activities, and Las Vegas has an abundance of them. The free outdoor show “The Sirens of Ti” at Treasure Island has thrilling acrobatics and exciting pyrotechnics. Stroll up the sidewalk and catch the Volcano Show at the Mirage. From what is a beautiful waterfall by day, at night becomes a booming volcano, violently erupting by throwing red “lava” 100 feet into the night sky. And the most famous free show in all of Las Vegas is the spectacular Fountains Water Show at the Bellagio. All you have to do is walk up to the lake in front of the Bellagio and see a different dazzling fountain dance every 15 minutes.

While Las Vegas itself offers a spectacular nighttime world, there are many other fun activities within easy driving distance of the city. In nearby Henderson see how chocolates are made (with a free sample, of course!) at the Ethyl M Chocolate Factory, and wander the paths through its beautiful Botanical Cactus Garden.

For a real change of pace head over to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area for boating, swimming and fishing. You’ll also find great hiking trails and opportunities to see desert wildlife. You can even take a fun Mississippi-style paddle wheeler boat cruise.

Lake Mead is the reservoir created by Hoover Dam. Kids and adults alike find the gigantic Hoover Dam an awe-inspiring creation. You can take a Jeep tour or drive yourself the short 35 miles from Las Vegas. Boat tours to the dam from Lake Mead are also available. At the dam take a tour of the power plant and walk along the observation deck. A second tour option takes you inside the dam through its inspection tunnels.

Las Vegas does its job to offer you an exciting variety of things to do. There are also a variety of accommodations. If you want to experience one of the most budget-friendly vacations you’ve ever had, plan to rent a Las Vegas timeshare. Off the Strip you can find timeshare rentals for as little as $50/night to sleep four people. Even on the Strip timeshare rentals are a fraction of the cost of hotel rooms on a per person basis. And for that amazingly low cost you get so much more than a cramped hotel room. Separate bedrooms (great if you’re traveling with kids), comfortable living rooms, and fully equipped kitchens make a timeshare rental the best vacation bargain going.

Hoover Dam Jeep Tour – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas



Hoover Dam Jeep Tour

Hoover Dam Jeep Tour

Experience dramatic views of both the Colorado River as well as Lake Mead, the largest manmade body of water in the Western Hemisphere, with the Hoover Dam Discovery Pink Jeep Tour.