Stokes Castle – Austin, Nevada

stokes castle.jpgStokes Castle – Austin, Nevada

Do you want to see something different when you are vacationing in Nevada?  Check out Stokes Castle in Austin.  The mine developer, railroad magnate and member of a prominent eastern family, decided to build a summer home for his sons in Austin.  Anson Phelps Stokes began building the Stokes Castle in 1896 and finished it in 1897.  When it was completed the Stokes family used it for only a short time before they sold it along with the mining interests, milling equipment and never returned.

The three story high castle was designed after a picture the Stokes family had of Italy.  It stands three stories high and 50 square feet around.  Built of hand-hewn native granite it will stand for years to come.  The first floor contained the kitchen and dining room, the second floor was the living room, and the third floor contained two bedrooms.  On the first floor each room had a fireplace and on the upper floors there were wooden balconies.

After years of neglect and vandalism the castle and being owned by a number of different people a cousin of the Anson Stokes purchased it in 1956.  Molly Magee Knudsen who was a New York socialite turned to ranch owner and prominent citizen of Austin.  She fenced in the castle to help preserve it.

Today the Stokes Castle stands as a sentinel on the north end of Reese River Valley.  It has a well maintained road leading to it and can be viewed year round.

Location: West of Austin on Hwy 50.