Mackay Mansion Museum – Virginia City, Nevada

Mackay mansion.jpgMackay Mansion Museum – Virginia City, Nevada

Gold and silver from this area of the states mining enterprises passed through the vaults of this mansion.  It assisted in the funding of the Union army during the Civil War, built downtown San Francisco, took Germany off the Silver Standard and led to the formation of International telephone and Telegraph along with a number of other financial empires.

It was built and occupied in 1859 b a young mining superintendent named George Hearst, who began the Hearst fortunes with $400 of borrowed money.  He didn’t stay in the area for very long, but while he was there he made several million dollars.  He then parlayed it into hundreds of millions in lumber in California and mines in South Dakota and Utah.  By the early 180’s the three-story house was headquarters for one of the most powerful, wealthy and revered characters on the Comstock, John Mackay.

Coming from Dublin he tried shipbuilding, mining where he was working with a pick and shovel and then with his shipbuilding skills he gained recognition for his work in the mine shafts.  Compensation often came in stock in the mines he was helping to build.

He began buying up claims and his fortune grew.  He was controlling owner of the Kentuck Mine during most of it’s heyday from 1866-1869.

He moved into the Mansion during the early 1870’s.  He invested his money by buying a series of small, relatively unsuccessful claims lying between the Ophir and the Gould and Curry, and incorporated them into the Consolidated Virginia Mine.  They sank a shaft and then rocked the civilized world when they discovered the largest silver deposit in North America.  By the end of the run it had produced $133,417,000.

The mansion tour is open all year.  Just to see the type of home that had the powerful leader living in it is well worth the visit.

Location: 129 South D. St., Virginia City, Nevada 89440

Hours: 11 – 6 Daily

Phone: 775.847.0336

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  1. the contact phone number for this place is incorrect. I have called it and it is no longer the mansions number.

  2. Thank you for the update, I have changed the number on the site to the latest one they have listed.

    Pat Watson

  3. octavio cresta

    I am the new proprietor of the Mackay Mansion in Virginia City, and as of May 1, 2020 we are once again open to the public. We welcome you to come out for a special tour—-we have rennovated the interior, keeping the original pieces intact. We are open to the public 7 days a week for tours–in addition the expansive lawn with grand gazebo will once again play host to lavish weddings, gala events, reunions, etc. The interior rooms will host educational/historical/philanthropic endeavors such as Murder Mystery Dinners, historical performances, charity fundraisers, etc.

    The new number to the Mackay Mansion is (775) 847-0373
    Octavio Cresta, Proprieter email:
    or UNIQUITIES OF INCLINE VILLAGE: (775) 832-5511